Our struggles started in 2017 as a local supplier of tennis balls in local markets.
We were very conscious about the quality over quantity so our number of customers grew every day.
Then we start making other products like soccer/football, volley ball, sportswear and fitness wear and accessories also.
As our products were appreciated a lot so in 2018 we decided to start exporting our products worldwide.
After 4 years of experience we finally decided to register our own company!
In 2021 we have registered our company with so many famous certificates of ISO, CE, MOODY and memberships with Chamber of Commerce Sialkot, PSGA.
Our success story is short and less years, but after a lot of struggles we get here.
Now we have a great team and they are improving every day working day and night for our clients.
Our customers are the most important part of our business and we work tirelessly to ensure their complete Satisfaction.